South Shore Park Bluff, Native Restoration and Naturalization

Milwaukee County has approached the Park Watch with a plan for native restoration of the South Shore Park bluff between the lake front trail and South Shore Drive. This naturalization project will enhance and secure the bluff along Oak Leaf Trail by removing invasive plant species and replacing them with native plants. Project benefits include:

•Enhanced natural habitat, ecology, and aesthetics of the bluff.

•Ends the practice of clear cutting and stabilizes the slope.

The restoration is sustainable. Native plants require less maintenance resulting in taxpayer savings.

•This project provides an opportunity for community education and involvement at South Shore Park. Volunteers are needed to assist with the project.

•The total 1.4 acre project area is bounded by the Oak Leaf Trail, Texas Avenue, South Shore Drive, and Meredith Street. The current plan starts with a manageable area for a first phase of approximately 0.3 acres. Click to see the Restoration area map.

South Shore Park Watch needs your support to make this project a success. Milwaukee County Parks has committed labor for the first phase of the project. Our current goal is to raise $3,000 to purchase native plantings and shrubs for the first phase of the project, which we would like to begin in 2011.

Please visit our Donate page or contact us if you would like to volunteer for this important project.


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