Park People to Host Candidate Forum

Friendly Reminder
Park People to Host
Candidate Forum
On April 5th the citizens of Milwaukee County will elect a new County Executive who will immediately face many critical issues pertaining to the future of this most populated county in the state. Issues ranging from mental health to transportation to parks are on the table and need to be addressed.
This forum will concentrate on park issues. The candidates are slowly informing the public about their ideas pertaining to the future direction of our parks and we would like to present the opportunity for them to be more specific.
Please come equipped with your own questions for the candidates!
When and where: March 23rd 7pm at the Miller Room of O’Donnell Park, 910 E. Michigan.
The format will be simple, each candidate will have 10-15 minutes to present their “park platform” and then the audience will be able to ask park related questions of them.
So that we have enough seats available, please RSVP to Jim Goulee by calling 414-273-7275 or by email at jim


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