South Shore Beach/Bluff via Marina Dimitrijevi

South Shore Beach/Bluff via Marina Dimitrijevi

In the 2011 Budget, the County Board approved legislation
authored by supervisor dimitrijevic to appropriate $80,000 for the
South Shore Beach relocation analysis, which will be offset by
$40,000 in federal grant revenue.

South shore Beach experiences high levels of bacteria in its current
location, which often require its closure. the project, in partnership
with the us army Corps of engineers, develop alternative beach
locations that would maintain a stable beach while allowing for
sufficient water circulation for acceptable water quality.

“I can’t wait to take full advantage of our great resource, South
Shore Beach. it would be a great addition to our neighborhood if our
beach could be open daily with safe,clean water conditions.”
the County Board also approved $61,000 for the parks
naturalization program. the parks department has submitted a
50/50 Forestry Fragmentation grant that would be used to match
the County funding.

Milwaukee County parks will begin a pilot project in 2011 to
naturalize a portion of the bluff at South Shore Park. The South
Shore Park Watch is conducting fundraisers to purchase native
flowers and shrubs to be planted in the pilot restoration area this fall.


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