Bluff Restoration Project Receives $1,000 Matching Grant!

We are excited to announce that the Bay View Neighborhood Association has awarded a $1,000 matching grant to South Shore Park Watch for the Native Bluff Restoration Project. This new grant, combined with the matching grant from the Bay View Garden And Yard Society, means there is now $2,500 available to match gifts made by individual donors like you!

About the Project– In cooperation with Milwaukee County Parks, the South Shore Park Watch is leading a native bluff restoration effort between the Oak Leaf Trail and South Shore Drive. This naturalization project will enhance and secure the bluff by removing invasive species and replacing them with native plants.

Past and future work activities include:

· In May, 30 volunteers participated at two Weed-Out days in May. We removed 22 trash bags filled with invasive weeds.

· The first week of June, several black-eye susan and purple coneflower plants were transplanted to the bluff.

· More weed-out and planting events will be organized this summer and fall.

Project needs:

· 1,700 native plant plugs and 40 wildlife shrubs for the first phase.

· Volunteers for planting and weed-outs – Contact us if you would like to help!

Your donation is needed to take full advantage of these grants! Every $25 donated will buy 30 native plant plugs or 4 shrubs.

For more information on how to donate, please visit the donate page at: Thank you!


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