Meeting to Discuss Park Safety and Cleanliness – July 12

Over the past month, there has been increased awareness and concern to maintain the safety and overall cleanliness of South Shore Park. Therefore, we will discuss solutions at our next Park Watch Meeting on July 12th at 7:00pm in the Park Pavilion.

The following representatives from Milwaukee County will be present:
John Nelson, Safety, Security & Training Manager, Milwaukee County Parks
Guy Smith, Chief of Operations, Milwaukee County Parks
Cliff Hale, Parks Unit Coordinator, Milwaukee County Parks
Andre Simms, District Coordinator for Marina Dimitrijevic’s office

In addition, the following law enforcement representatives have been invited:
Officer Felix, City of Milwaukee Police District 6 Community Liaison
Inspector Schmidt or other representative of the Office of Sheriff Clarke

Please help us advertise this meeting to your friends, and neighbors so that we can continue to have one of the best parks in Milwaukee County!


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