Attend a Parks Public Input Session


Nine Workshops sponsored by County Executive Chris Abele have been scheduled between September 13 and October 5th as part of the Department of Parks & Recreation and Culture’s Parks 10 Year Master Plan and the 2050 Park and Open Space Plan. See Schedule below. The Park People urges everyone who cares about the future of our parks to attend at least one of these meetings to make your interest in our parks known.

Information gathered will support two major park planning efforts underway simultaneously: the 10-Year Parks System Master Plan and the 2050 Park & Open Space Plan. The 10-Year Parks Master Plan will provide recommendations for facilities, programs and services, maintenance and operation, and administration and management of the County park system. The 2050 Park & Open Space Plan will address long-range considerations including the preservation of environmental corridors, conservation lands, the recreational use of water bodies, and make recommendations on the distribution of parks and recreational facilities throughout the County.

Residents are encouraged to attend any of these upcoming public workshops. All forums will begin at 6:30 p.m. with a brief general presentation followed by a facilitated workshop.

Sept. 13, Kosciuszko Park Community Center, 2201 S. 7th St

Sept. 14, Lake Park Pavilion 3133 E. Newberry Blvd (lower level)

Sept. 15, Wilson Park Pavilion, 1601 W. Howard Ave.

Sept. 20, Brown Deer Park Golf Clubhouse, 7625 N. Range Line Road

Sept. 21, Gordon Park Pavilion, 2828 N. Humboldt Blvd.

Sept. 22, Dineen Park Pavilion, 6601 W. Vienna St.
Sept. 27, Sheridan Park Pavilion, 4800 S. Lake Drive

Oct. 4, McCarty Park Pavilion,2567 S. 79 St.

Oct. 5, Center Street Park Community Room, 6420 W. Clarke St.

Please take the time and attend one of these sessions!

The results of this planning will guide decisions about our beloved Milwaukee County Parks for the next 30 plus years.


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