21 November, 2016 17:03

Supervisor Marina Dimitrijevic announced major county investments in South Shore Park Monday as part of the 2017 Milwaukee County budget. Part of a long-term project, the additional funding will improve beach and water quality, provide better access for a variety of users, and upgrade various facilities.
“The 2017 Milwaukee County Budget brings more funds to my district which continues the major enhancement of South Shore Park, a regional resource for all. This year we will see the upgrades to our park take shape and we are closer now than ever to reopening a cleaner, safer beach,” said Dimitrijevic.
The 2017 Milwaukee County budget allocates $1,200,000 for reconstruction of the existing parking lot and boat launch, new storm water treatment systems, amenities like boat wash and fish cleaning facilities, improved beach management, and new landscaping.
Upgrades will provide better access to the water’s edge, and storm water best management practices and wildlife controls will improve near-shore water quality and decrease the number of days of beach water quality advisories. Pedestrian and bike trails will also see improvements.
Working together with County Executive Chris Abele and Park Director John Dargle, Supervisor Dimitrijevic has made investing in South Shore Park a top priority in recent years. One of the goals of the South Shore project is to remove the beach from many “10 worst” lists.
Earlier this fall, the EPA awarded a $350,000 grant to studying relocating the beach to improve water quality and reduce closures. In March, the Wisconsin Waterways Commission awarded an $800,000 grant to construct a sea wall and promenade, and the Milwaukee Metropolitan Sewerage Division awarded a $100,000 grant for green infrastructure. In 2015, Milwaukee County appropriated $1.6 million to address improvements at the north half of the parking lot.
Another component of the ongoing South Shore Park renaissance is the establishment of the South Shore Terrace, one of four permanent beer gardens located in Milwaukee County parks. The Terrace features two large murals depicting Bay View’s rich history and were recently unveiled to the public. The murals are located in the “Miller 1855” bar area.


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