8 July, 2017 23:47

Hello friends,

Our next meeting will feature a presentation from the County Executive’s office to unveil their online budget tool “Balancing Act”.

When: Tuesday, July 11, 7:00pm.
Where: South Shore Park Pavilion.

County officials must work and make decisions to overcome a $42 million deficit. Spending for and revenue from our County Parks will be key considerations during the decision process.

Using Balancing Act, County residents can design and share their own budget for Milwaukee County. This tool will help the public more easily visualize and understand the difficulties in balancing the needs of competing priorities with finite resources. The Balancing Act webpage is pre-loaded with what Milwaukee County’s finances look like going into 2018 as well as a number of real life policy decisions that the County Executive and County Board will have to consider in the coming months. Each decision can either cost money, bring in more revenue or reduce expenses. Users can decide where their budget priorities land and then submit their balanced budget to the County Executive’s office.

You can check it out at – www.County.Milwaukee.gov/BalancingAct


If you would like to help make a difference for South Shore Park, please join us at our next event or contact us at friendsofsouthshorepark

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